We each have an idiosyncratic way of inhabiting our bodies—a “body/movement signature” that communicates who, and how, we are. It is comprised of our postures and gestures, patterns of tension and breathing, subtle or overt repetitive movements, thoughts and mental activity, pleasant or uncomfortable sensations and chronic or acute pain and illness.

If we observe our body/mind without judgment, it is an infinite source of wisdom. However, for many of us, for a multitude of reasons, we have stopped listening. We may be too busy, in physical pain, suffering emotional or physical trauma, and we may not know how to listen. We may also have difficulty with non-judgmental observation because we do not accept our body size and shape. Being awake and attentive to our body/mind may provoke anxiety or be emotionally and physically painful.

What is your body/movement signature?

A Body, Movement and Mindfulness-based approach involves attention to and gentle exploration of body experience and mental activity. During therapy, we cultivate a state of awareness called mindfulness to examine, without judgment, compulsive thoughts, habitual patterns and repetitive behaviors. We use movement to discover, explore and express ourselves through our body as we apply mindfulness to body awareness and motion. When we cultivate mindfulness, we are able to shift our experience from “being in” our patterns to “observing” them.

Movement, breath, dance, meditation, and other body-centered processes, are graceful and powerful tools for discovering and studying mind/body patterns and core beliefs as well as unrealized aspects of our selves. As mind/body awareness deepens, our choices increase and genuine options for change become available. When we respect, trust and listen to our bodies we attune to the world with spontaneity, authenticity and confidence.

Your body is talking. Are you listening?