Eating & Body Image

Body, Movement and Mindfulness-based Therapy is an essential component in a multidisciplinary approach for the treatment of troubling eating behaviors and the development of a healthy body image. This form of therapy is uniquely suited for those suffering disordered eating and negative body image because the goal is to directly engage the body as an ally in the therapeutic process. In therapy we engage in body/movement-centered and mindfulness-based experiences which bypass defenses that talking reinforces. Nonverbal exploration of, and through, the body leads to integration of the body/mind and allows for positive body attitudes and experiences.

Body image consists of our visual and physical perceptions of our bodies as well as our feelings and thoughts about our bodies. Body image forms gradually, beginning in infancy, and is affected by a range of factors throughout our lives including culture and interpersonal experiences. Body image disturbance occurs when there is a significant dissatisfaction with part or all of one’s body and/or a distorted perception of one’s size and shape. Body image disturbances often precede maladaptive eating behaviors and continue to remain active once the individual has begun to manage other symptoms.

People often describe feeling alienated or disconnected from their bodies. When our body is the enemy, this rejection reinforces maintenance of symptoms such as bingeing, purging, restricting and/or compulsive exercising. Recovery involves internalization of new and positive sensory experiences, recognition of distorted thoughts and attitudes as well as increased awareness, expression or containment of feelings, which initiate in the body. Safe exploration of the body through breath and movement can transform a negative body image by integrating sensory, cognitive and emotional experiences into a cohesive body/mind whole.

Body, Movement and Mindfulness-based Therapy is an effective approach for  individual and group  treatment of eating and body image disturbances.

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