Traumatic experiences become embedded in our bodies. Sexual, physical and emotional abuse interferes with the development of healthy embodiment, and the possibility of experiencing security and pleasure in the body. The ability to self-soothe may also be damaged, as well as the capacity to feel grounded and centered in the comforting flow of pleasant, physical sensations. If the body has been wounded, long after injuries have healed, survivors continue to cope with emotional devastation, as well as re-negotiation of their identities in body/minds that have suffered profound changes.

Cutting edge neurocience is finally helping therapists understand the physiological effects of trauma on the body and brain.  As a result, we have better roadmaps for the incorporation of body, movement and mindfulness-based techniques into trauma treatment and recovery. A body/movement-centered and mindful approach helps clients overcome one of their biggest obstacles– loss of connection, to their self and to others. Working from the “bottom up” we can guide trauma survivors to understand and regain mastery of their physiological experience as a way out of their distressing symptoms. This body/mind awakening then paves the way for memory retrieval, healthy self- expression and reframing of the trauma narrative.

If traditional talk therapy hasn’t helped, you do not have to continue to suffer.  We offer a body-centered approach for individuals and groups. Please call now for an appointment–410-790-4340.

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